Oh no! New patterns!

When you think you are finally cured of your withdrawal symptoms from not-seeing-new-patterns-on-the-market-for-so-long (like… a few weeks 😉 ) you fall right back into full-blown addiction: NEW PATTERNS!!!! I SEE NEW PATTERNS!!!!

First, Hot Patterns has launched a new range of patterns, called No Sweat Easy Sew, in partnership with McCall’s. The whole range is available via HP or McCall’s websites. Quoting Trudy from HP, regarding their collaboration with McCall’s:

[…]our collaboration with McCalls is just that…we have selected the styles, done the illustrations, drafted and muslined the first patterns; McCalls have tested, graded and QC’d these patterns, using our sizing charts but their know-how. Finally, McCalls have generously given us the considerable time, talent and expertise of their top diagram designer and instruction writers. We think that this collaboration gives us as a company and more importantly our customers, truly the best of both worlds…HP styling with McCalls technical expertise.

Now… that looks promising! 😀 Not all the patterns offered in that new range are appealing to me, but there are a few that I like very much, mainly the Cha-Cha-Cha Dresses, the Bubblelicious Top & Skirts (although I’m not sure if it would be flattering on my body type) and the Butterfly Tops & Wrap Skirt. I’ll give it a rest before I place my order, gotta have the funds first! Plus, I already have gazillions of other patterns in my stash that I need to make first 😉

And as if these weren’t enough, Simplicity also launched their new Summer patterns yesterday. Summer 2007 will obviously be very dress-y, considering the amount of dresses patterns now available on the market. Honestly, I don’t mind. I’ve never been a dress kind of person, but I can change, right?! I never used to wear skirts just 2 years ago, but now I have more skirts than pants in my closet and I LOVE wearing skirts! So I figure that it could be the same with dresses, if I take the time to find nice, flattering patterns.

Simplicity’s website is down at the moment, so I’ll be back later with my appreciation of their new collection!


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