Oh no! New patterns! (2)

Now that the Simplicity website seems to be working again, I can finally check out the new patterns. There are a few that I find really nice, but there are some that I really wonder what they were thinking when they designed them! 😯

The likes:

  • I really like Khalia Ali’s 3804. A nice raised neckline and I really like the large sash. I think these are nice separates that can be coordinated together but with other garments, like the tunic with a nice pair of jeans for a casual outfit.
  • The tunics/mini-dresses of 3807 are cute. I’m not 16 anymore and I certainly don’t have the legs to flaunt it, but wearing a mini-dress or a tunic over a pair of jeans or pants is very “in” here, whatever your age.
  • I think 3790 offers nice mix & match combinations. I like the brown tunic shown on the cover of the pattern!
  • Too bad 3775 doesn’t come in larger sizes. It offers interesting waistline variations.
  • The 3785 gowns are lovely. Too bad I already have a pattern for DSIL’s wedding in May!

The “meh”:

  • I do like 3773, it has a nice retro look that appeals to me. But… no sleeves? My arms are far from being presentable so I’d have to draw some sleeves to be able to wear it. I thrive on sewing challenges, but I have enough patterns to challenge me at the moment, I don’t need another one that’ll remain in my stash forever because I’m too lazy to take the time to draw sleeves… What can I say, I like a pattern I can use right out of the box! 😳

The dislikes:

  • I don’t know where Simplicity got the idea 3799 could be flattering to plus-size women 😯 That crop top is killing me…
  • But there’s worse: the long-sleeves dress of 3778 looks like a 70’s housedress and I really cannot believe this design is flattering to a larger sized body. If you don’t agree with me, please make the dress and send me a picture while wearing it, I need to be convinced!!!

Here you go: my personal appreciation of the new Summer collection. Of course I’m biaised and I’m judging on my own style, taste and body type. So you don’t have to agree with me 😉 I’ll clear out a few patterns from my stash before I purchase 3804 and/or 3807. I’m all in for a “dress” summer, but I want to see if I will actually like wearing dresses before I purchase more dress patterns!



  1. Jeanne Laramée says:

    Ma chère petite-fille…..
    J’apprécie ce que je lis dans ton blogue !!

    Je ris souvent aux éclats et j’ai l’impression que j’entends le son de ta voix !!

    En plus j’ai la certitude que les boutiques de tissus sont en train de se renipper depuis que tu vis en Hollande !!

    Est-ce que je me trompe ??

    Je suis très fière de toi … j’espère que tu passes des belles minutes à écrire sur ton site !!

    je t’embrasse . XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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