I’ve caught another bug…

First of all, thank you so much for your comments! It’s funny because I never thought I’d actually get comments from anyone, the blogosphere is so huge that I never even imagined that you’d find me 😉

Sewing hasn’t been on the agenda lately because I’ve caught another bug: a big bad nasty cold bug! 😦

Anyway, I did get a start on the custom-fit downloadable Pirate Queen Ahoy There Sailor Pants from Hot Patterns (don’t you just love their patterns’ names? LOL) last Saturday and I must say that the fit is great!! The lenght is perfect, the hips fit perfectly, and even without instructions they just went together beautifully and quite easily; all the pattern pieces match perfectly. Now the downside: they are really low-rise. And I do mean *really low* rise. Like Paris Hilton showing her crack sort of low rise (except that I don’t have Hilton’s body!). When I checked the pattern, it really didn’t appear to be that low, so I decided to make the pants without making any modifications. I know, I should know better! 🙄

So I’ll make them again, this time raising the waistline a little bit; 2 inches should be enough, because I do like low rise pants or jeans, I just don’t like showing off too much skin! I’ll be sure to post a picture of the pants when I’m done…

Oh and for those who are jealous of our fabric markets: there’s another one in my town at the end of April. That gives you about 1 month to find a way to come to Holland 😉



  1. I traced and cut out the pattern pieces for my HP sailor pants and hopefully will start on the muslin this week. I’m glad to hear that yours fit so nicely, and thanks for the tip about the low rise!

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