Fold-over elastic: my way

Rose asked me to explain how I use fold-over elastic for necklines. I definitely do not have the best technique, nor even a technique at all, but here’s how I do things:

1. Place a 10 cm length of fold-over elastic to the edge of the fabric, with the wrong side of the elastic on the right side of the fabric.
2. Fold the elastic, folding the fabric as well.
3. Stitch the fold-over elastic close the its edge, but making sure to stitch the edge that is under as well!
4. When placing the elastic on the fabric edge, stretch it very gently (barely) so the neckline “hugs” better.
5. Fold the elastic over and keep stitching.
6. Finished result on the good side.
7. Finished result on the wrong side: it might happen that the edge of the fabric shows a bit from under. But it’s usually just a few millimetres. Just carefully cut off any excess.

So there you have it! Takes a bit of practice to get the hang of it and find the perfect balance between too much or too little stretching of the elastic, but the results are really nice. I love using fold-over elastic for cross over, mock-wrap or wrap necklines. The trouble is to find the color that will match your fabric 🙄



  1. Thanks for showing how to sew this elastic. I have some of this elastic but had no idea how to sew it.

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