I suffer from PADD: Project Attention-Deficit Disorder. My list of projects to complete is humongous, and whenever I set my mind to make a given project, pffft! I end up making something else. The reasons are numerous: too many patterns, too much fabric in my stash, changing needs, changing taste. Take today, for example. I was browsing some patterns magazines at breakfast, and I’ve found an interesting skirt to make out of linnen, from the latest Patrones Tallas Grandes. So I put the magazine on top of my fabric, all ready to go when I’m done eating my bowl of cereals. But before I go trace the pattern, I decided to write my review of the Simplicity KA 3768 pattern. While writing my review, I realised that I’d love to give the twist-top another shot, with a more stretchy fabric. On my way to my stash to pick the said stretchy fabric, I see a beige colored cotton that would be perfect for the short of that same pattern… 🙄

And what do I end up making? The long skirt that was also included in the pattern envelope… 😆 Well, the skirt isn’t finished yet, I’m still just at the cutting stage. But it really shows you how I keep changing my mind…

Am I alone with that problem? 😳



  1. No, sadly you’re not alone. I was going to make a red t-shirt and somehow it has turned into a red knit nightgown because I had a little more fabric than I thought I did. Oh great! I could make a nice night gown out of this! So I changed a few things and got started totally forgetting that I NEEDED the red t-shirt. Sigh.


  2. I have this affliction, as well. Mostly it manifests when I am sorting through fabrics in the stash for one fabric for a project, then find some fabric I had forgotten I had….Then I have to find the perfect pattern and by the time I get through one drawer of patterns, I’ve found a pattern I’d forgotten I had, then back to the fabric….lather, rinse, repeat.

    You never know *what* you’ll actually end up with!


  3. I never knew there was a name for this affliction! I have it too!

  4. OMG!!! We might be long lost sisters!! LOL


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