Ditjes and datjes…

… or ‘miscellaneous bits’ in English.

I need to lose weight. It’s obvious from the pictures, it’s obvious from a health point of view… so that’s what I’m going to work on during the course of the next year. I do have an objective, which is to lose 30kg, but I prefer not to emphasise on it totally: I’ll see where I’ll go. If I manage to achieve my goal, great! If I go beyond it, even better! If I even only lose 25 kg, that’ll already be 25kg! I guess I’ll be doing a lot of alterations to my clothes. I will sew less than I do now, because spending a whole weekend on a garment that will fit only for 2 months is a bit counter-productive! 

 But nevertheless, I have a camping/cycling trip planned for next month and I better get in gear to make shorts and capris! I love skirts, but on a bicycle in the middle of nowhere in France, I don’t think they are the most practical! 🙄 I will most likely use the Simplicity KA 3768 pattern, and make the shorts. I really like the skirt (that reminds me that I need to review it, I made it twice already!) so I’m sure the shorts will be great! The length looks perfect and I have great fabric that would suit perfectly. I need to make 3 pairs, that should be enough for one week, with washes in between! They will inevitably get dirty so I’ll try to avoid colors that are too light. I think I’ll do a pair in olive green, one in brown and one in a lighter shade or brown (not quite beige). That’s the plan for the next weekends!


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