A wonderful vacation

An old sewing room... An old sewing room...

Nothing to do with sewing, but gosh how wonderful my vacation was! We went cycling in the Loire valley in France, visiting gorgeous castles and enjoying the peace and quiet of the French countryland. Somehow I’m glad I didn’t spend hours making shorts because all I wore were cycling shorts, with padding. I think I saw a Jalie pattern with cycling clothes…? Ah yes, here it is: Cycling jersey, shorts and tights pattern. I guess I’ll have to add this pattern to my wishlist, especially since my husband and I seem to get into cycling more seriously. Too bad it’s for men though 😕 I think I’ll write an e-mail to Jalie and suggest they make a pattern of that type for women as well! Although I’m sure I can adapt the pattern to fit my body…  I see that ConnieB has reviewed the pattern and adapted the shape for a woman body, I’ll be sure to follow her advice!

Kwik Sew seems to have some patterns as well, including this one. Ugh! The guys on the drawing look soooo horrible, I completely overlooked it when I first saw this pattern, I thought it had nothing to do with cycling! It might be interesting for the shorts, because I will certainly NOT make the tank tops…

And thanks to Google, I have also found women patterns! The Green Pepper has patterns for cycling shorts AND cycling tops, for men and women!

Ok, some more patterns to add to my wishlist I guess… 🙄 And you see how I turn a post from a non-sewing topic into a sewing topic?



  1. One of the things I love about my cyber-sewing-friends is the way they open my eyes to sewing outside of my comfort zone, like you have done with these cycling patterns. Thank-you!

  2. marieclaude says:

    hehehe glad I could help 😉

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