Yep, new patterns!

What happens when you go on vacation and come back with gazillions of things to do (except sewing)? You’ve guessed it, my favorite pattern company Simplicity comes up with new patterns… 🙄

There are some nice ones though. Last winter, I remodeled an old 90’s pattern of a jumper to make it more modern, sensing that they would come back in fashion. I guess I’ll have to explain my remodeling at one point, but to make a long story short I made a cut so it’s empire-waist and added underbust gatherings. Back to the patterns! So Simplicity brings back the jumper for this season, I’ll certainly have a closer look and then decide if I want to buy any of these patterns.

Of the new offering, I like 3620, especially the grey what-seems-to-be-wool jumper. I really like the low belt on this one. Have you noticed the skirt length? I think it’s going up a bit, in comparison with last year (except for the minis)! But since I don’t have the legs to flaunt, I might go for the length of view B.

I also like 3624, especially views A and B. Out with the twist-tops, on with gatherings. I think I have the perfect drape-y and flow-y knit for that in my stash…

And Simplicity wouldn’t be my favorite if their Khalia Ali collection wouldn’t exist, and again they offer 2 nice patterns: 3671 (a nice wardrobe variation) and 3672 (yes!! a winter coat/jacket!!!). I just love the jacket view C of 3672, and view D of 3671.

If that wasn’t enough, I’ve just noticed that McCall’s have launched new patterns as well! For once, they have “okay” patterns for plus-sized woman… that’s a question of taste, of course. I like 5484 (a nice twist-dress or tunic – LOVE the tunic!) and 5452 (but I have already tons of pants patterns, so I might not buy this one…)

For now I’m a bit shy about sewing, because of the weight loss. I’ve lost about 5 kg so far and the clothes I bought last month are starting to be big 😦 I want to see what I can recuperate from my sewing of last winter before making anything new… But knowing me, I’ll probably buy the patterns anyway because you never know…!


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