Cycling and girly girls…

Let’s twist a non-sewing topic into a sewing one again, shall we? 😆

As you might have guessed, I love cycling. I’m in no way the sporty kind, I’m actually more of a couch potato, or a sewing potato for that matter. But since regular exercise is part of any weight loss program… 🙄 But the thing is, I am actually quite girly. And I love wearing skirts. Summer, winter, doesn’t matter: gimme a skirt and I’ll wear it gladly! During my vacation in France, I’ve often found myself a bit out-of-place wearing my cycling shorts while visiting fancy castles or enjoying a fine dinner at a restaurant. Yesterday, I thought to myself: why aren’t there any cycling skirts/skorts around?

The reality is, they do exist, I’ve just never seen any in the Netherlands. A quick search on the Internet has confirmed that they are available, in the US for example, but I refuse to pay 50$ + high costs for shipping ordering a cycling skirt from an online store!

I am not on a quest: finding patterns that will lead me to the perfectly fitting cycling skirt for next summer’s vacation. I think I could combine Jalie’s cycling shorts pattern with this skirt pattern, only a tad longer. I’m not ordering anything for now (yeah right!) as I want to see how much weight I will lose in the course of the year and so on, but I am curious about experimenting!

To be continued!



  1. stitchinstein says:

    I made the green pepper bike shorts back in the summer of 1986!!!! Believe it or not. It can work for a woman. Haven’t tried the Jalie but I’m sure it is similar. I also have a pair of bike skorts too and essentially is a bike short with an a-line wrap attached. Keep up the weight loss! I’m rooting for you — in the same situation! C

  2. Good news! We will have a new lycra skort pattern soon (the number will be 2796). It should be available online around the third week of November.

  3. marieclaude says:

    Really???? Well, I’ll definitely be ordering one!!! 😀

  4. Looking to find a wrap skirt for going over bicycling shorts. See here you talk about 2796 but don’t have a company name. Please send info.
    This is an old posting and it’s 2010 now. Thanks
    In return mail please post topic as wrap skirt or bicycle so I wont delete it.

  5. I’ve been looking around for patterns to make myself a cycling skort to. I love riding my bike and my bike shorts make it so much more comfortable! The thing is at a size 24 bike shorts are not a good look. I could shell out the $75 bucks plus shipping and buy one but I love a challenge. Also I like to tweak a pattern so that it look good on Me.


  1. […] a little announcement from Jalie, hiding somewhere in a comment on this page: Good news! We will have a new lycra skort pattern soon (the number will be 2796). It should be […]

  2. […] a 100% lycra garment. During my hiatus I got myself a new addiction: running. And being somewhat a girly girl, I thought it’d be great to have a few running skirts for the summer! Last week I bought some […]

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