Absolutely -no- time for sewing…

If you’re wondering, I just don’t have time to do any sewing lately, let alone blog about it. Freelance contracts are taking up my free time, and the tiny bit of free time left is spent trying to relax!

And just to add insult to the injury, the weather is horrible and we cannot go cycling! Grrrrr

Next time I get a bit more breathing room, I’ll start by cleaning up my sewing room or should I say “sewing attic”. It’s a mess up there and I need to get a grip back, or else it’ll just get worse. Pattern sheets out of their envelopes, lonely instructions scattered all over… *sigh* 🙄 Then only I’ll be ready to sew again.

Until then…



  1. oh no…you’ve got to sew…LOL…it’s a stress reliever (ok, most of the time that is).

    When you’re ready to organize your sewing mess, check out my blog where I am currently up to Part III of my Sewing Room Organization Challenge…


    With friendship,

  2. I’m in pretty much the same boat – remarkable how life gets in the way of itself sometimes! The sew-mojo will return. You might help it along as you start tidying. I say, while putting notions and patterns away, if you make a bit of progress and want to sew a seam, go for it!

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