I have signed up for classes!

Everybody looked at me in utter shock when I mentionned that I signed up for sewing classes at one of my local neighborhood centers. “Sewing classes? Why? You can make a wedding dress, you don’t need classes!”

Well, I still think I need classes. Because there are so many techniques that I don’t master yet, and it’s never too late to learn them. Plus, improving what you already know is always good. And it’s a nice way to getting to know people who love sewing as much as I do!

Classes start at the end of September, I can’t wait!



  1. I can’t make a wedding dress, but I’ve signed up for a class, too, with LianeG from PR. We’ll be taking a 10-week class taught by a member of our sewing guild. Not only am I really excited, too, it’s one of the best bargins I’ve found in a long, long time! Enjoy!

  2. I am looking for a good address in Amsterdam. For my Birthday I got a coupon for sewing classes. The only thing to do now is find a good place. Hopefully I start in September too!

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