Out of my sewing slump?

Nah, I still haven’t cleaned up my sewing “attic”. I’ve been too busy with freelance contracts on the side, that occupied my evenings and my weekends of the last 2 months. But now that I’ve started my sewing lessons (more on that later), I think I’ll have to take some time to clean up my attic! I need to put the patterns back into their envelopes, WITH their instructions. I need to take a look at my pattern inventory to see what I could make in the coming months. I’m now 12 kilos lighter than in June, I’ve dropped 2 full dress sizes and that opens up a whole new range of sewing opportunities! I have patterns in many sizes, so now is the time to try them… before they get too big.

As I said, I have started with my sewing classes, every Monday. Of course, the classes are aimed at beginners, but the teacher said that sewists of all levels are welcomed and I see these classes as the perfect place to learn how to make a jacket or vest that fits, or how to put an invisible zipper properly (I still can’t do that… shame on me!), or in my particular case, how to adapt existing garments to my everchanging weight… 🙄 Last Monday, we learned how to make a simple pincushion… erm, I’m a bit further than that, but anyway, I went with the flow and made a nice pincushion 😀 I needed one anyway!! Perhaps next week I’ll skip the baby pants lesson and start straight away with the winter jacket I’d like to make. I’ll have a look at the fabric in my stash during the weekend and dig in the mess in my attic for the pattern I’m looking for…



  1. Best wishes for your class. I’ve signed up for one, too – also on Monday nights, with a friend I met on Pattern Review. The chance to learn (or relearn) some of the things I struggle with was too good to pass up! Hope it goes well – how many Mondays does the class go for?

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