Projects in the pipeline

First of all, thank you so much for all your comments on my previous post! They all acted as a wonderful confidence and motivational boost to help me go further in my weight loss!

I can now officially say it: I’m out of my sewing slump. When I start ordering fabric, patterns and make a projects list, it’s because I’m finally seeing the light again! I’ve received some patterns I had ordered the past weeks (mostly from the new Simplicity collection, but there are a few Buttericks here and there as well) and I’ve started to “shop my stash” to find suitable fabric. And winter is coming, so I want to wear skirts. Yes, I know. I am weird. There’s nothing I like more than a nice skirt with high boots and thick tights in the winter. You can say it: Marie-Claude, you’re weeeeiiird!!! 😆

So I’ve opened up my Ottobre Woman from September and I decided to make different variations on the A-line skirt (4) (click here for a review). I have a olive green light stretch babycord fabric that I’ve had in my stash for more than 2 years now and that would be perfect for it. Then I have this great wool mix tweed-ish fabric in dark green with burgundy flowers, complete with assorted burgundy ribbon, perfect for a more dressed up outfit (and I bought a cute top at H&M last week that will fit absolutely perfectlywith this skirt!). And last but not least, I have 2 matching babycord fabric: one with an embroided floral design, one plain. Both are in brown/olive colors (sort of a tie-and-dye effect… but without the usual tacky tie-and-dye).

But that’s for this afternoon and next weekend. For now I need to finish a translation assignment 😉 If there’s still a bit of time this morning, I’ll trace up the pattern, ready for sewing this afternoon. I’ll start with the wool mix fabric first, I think. Or the stretch babycord. Or the mix and match babycord. So much choice, what to choose, what to choose?



  1. Marie-Claude, you’re NOT weird! I love a nice skirt with boots and tights in the winter!

  2. Marie Claire, I just love wearing long (calf length)skirts with boots in the winter. Pair it with a cozy sweater or knit top and vest and you’re good to go. Your fabric choices sound like you are sewing with a plan (SWAP) where the pieces will mix and match. Can’t wait to see what you have finished.

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