Back after a (too) long hiatus

Gosh, it feels weird to be writing something again. It’s been so long! Where have I been since November? Well, I never really went away, I just got caught up in everything except sewing. Of course, my sewing room being a total mess didn’t help. I’m about half-way through the cleaning bit, enough to clear up access to my sewing machine (yes, it was that bad!!) and my cutting table. What I still need to do is matching pattern instructions, envelopes and pieces that are all over the place. Ugh. But I’ll get there… Tonight I’ll buy A5 sized envelopes to help with this process. Some pattern envelopes are just too dammaged.

Last Monday I’ve made my first project in a looooooooooong time. A t-shirt from Kwik Sew. I’ll post a picture this weekend when I get the chance. It turned out really well, I am really pleased.

On the projects list are now a skirt and a jacket. Stay tuned 🙂



  1. Ha! You sound like me! I too use the A5 envelope system, as it’s impossible for me to get everything folded up just so again.
    And I still have a box (not saying what size) of pattern papers to sort and match up with thier envelopes. Hmm. Might be better to just start over, actually.

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