Projects going into the bin

I know I promised pictures and updates on projects, I’m sorry! Pictures of the t-shirt are coming this weekend but the updates on projects… uh? What? What projects? Here’s a recap on my now-unexistant projects…

So it all started with a jacket. This jacket (view C) to be precise. I planned on using a fabric that had been in my stash forEVER, some polyester/cotton blend with a great drape despite it’s relative thickness (in comparison with a regular poplin). Great olive green color, perfect for my current wardrobe and my wardrobe-to-be. For lining, my choice went to a lime green poplin that was just too thin and seethrough to use for a shirt, but seemed perfect for lining. I assembled most of the jacket (sleeves and lining missing only) and tried it on. Ugh #1. Yes, it fitted: shoulders were fine, front and back upper bits fitted fine. But the lower sections made me look absolutely HORRIBLE. Think 9 months pregnant front and back. And the overal length was way too short (I’m 10 cm shorter than the standard pattern length, how is that possible??).

I had the face the evidence: this is not a pattern for my bodyshape. Finishing the project made no sense, so I just binned everything. What a waste of fabric, but I remember paying something like 1 euro/meter for both fabrics. So I won’t really cry over it… what is out of my stash leaves room for new fabric anyway 😉

So I moved on to my next project, my first ever attempt at sewing a 100% lycra garment. During my hiatus I got myself a new addiction: running. And being somewhat a girly girl, I thought it’d be great to have a few running skirts for the summer! Last week I bought some great lycra fabric, or at least so I thought. I admit not being very knowledgeable when it comes to lycra (100% lycra that is) and I thought that a thicker version of it would offer me great support (I might have lost weight but there are still plenty of jiggly bits on me) when running. What I didn’t take into consideration is that this particular fabric was also quite shiny and sleek. More on this later. So I got my Jalie pattern out and cut all the pieces for the skirt. Assembling didn’t go like a charm because I didn’t realise that I had to go on their website to get written instructions. The only ‘instructions’ included were illustrations 😦 Nice, but difficult to interpret sometimes. And illustrations doesn’t give you how much you need to fold (1 cm or 1,5 cm or even 2 cm?) for the hems of the sides and front and back skirt panels. So it ended up being a lot of guessing, but I was still quite pleased with the result. And the skirt fitted fine! Except that the compression shorts with their shiny side on top makes the skirt slide upwards and bunch up at the waist. Ugh #2. Plus the lycra actually didn’t have enough stretch to make it comfortable to wear, even though it had enough stretch according to the ‘stretch indicator’ at the back of the pattern. So all in all, I cannot wear this skirt for running… It didn’t totally end up into the bin because I’ll consider this one as muslin. This weekend there’s another of those fabric fairs in my hometown and I’ll get myself some more lycra – less shiny and more stretchy that is.

My last project attempt was a shirt. While cleaning up my sewing room/attic, I found a pattern from 1995 (can we consider a pattern from 1995 as being vintage?) that I remembered making quite a few times during my last university years. It was one of those Simplicity patterns ‘Design your own shirt’ with endless combinations of sleeves, collars and necklines. Sweet! It was already cut to a size 20, which I remembered as being a tad small way back when. I decided that making a size 22 would be the smart thing to do, especially after checking the finished garment measurements. So I traced what would be the equivalent of a 22. I assembled the shirt and half-way into the project I tried it on to check sizing. Ugh #3. IT WAS TOO BIG. And I do mean, WAY too big. I was of course annoyed with this, but at the same, I was quite pleased. Does that mean I’ve lost that much weight, so much that my body is now smaller than what it used to be 13 years ago?? 😀 And so landed the project in the bin. No shame. I used a very cheapo fabric and it was actually more like a muslin project than a real project. I still love the style of the shirt, I will definitely double-check the sizing and make it using this great embroided beige cotton I bought last year…

My next project was a retro apron (view A) for my mother as a present for Mother’s Day. Except that after three projects landing in the bin in a row, I didn’t even dare touching my pattern and fabric (isn’it just the cutest fabric ever??) with a ten-feet pole!!! I’ll give it a go this weekend, after a bit of a rest 😉



  1. Sherril Miller says:

    Marie, I’m sorry you’ve not been successful with the projects. I’m wishing good sewing karma for your next project. I’d love to try out a pattern from 13 years ago and find it too big. Unfortunately, I’d just given birth then and I bet I’m about the very same size today.

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