Remember me?

Yeah, I’m still alive. And I’m finally sewing again. I’ll be sure to post my recent projects and the ones that are on my to-do list!

I’ve finally started to clean up my sewing area – which means reuniting pattern pieces, instructions sheets and pattern envelopes together. I’ve been incredibly LAZY with this the last YEARS, I’m so embarrassed. I meant to do this a long time ago already, but never got the courage. And it just got worse along the way, of course. This mess was caused by 2 usual scenarios: 

  1. When I’m done cutting my fabric, I’m too eager to start sewing and just leave the pattern pieces and the envelope piled up ‘somewhere’. And when the garment is completed, I just leave the instructions sheet ‘somewhere’ and move on to my next project.
  2. When I discover that I don’t have enough fabric or that it just won’t work, I just get really frustrated and I leave the pattern pieces, envelope and instructions in a corner, trying to forget about the whole thing ASAP. It has happened that the pattern sheets were bunched up in a big ball of paper frustration and thrown accross the room…..

So now I have to painstakingly identify and number new, bigger paper envelopes, where I insert the pattern pieces, instructions and envelopes one by one, as I sort them out. I’ve got BAGS of mixed up stuff to go through and I’d say I’m about half-way there! And in the process I’m re-discovering patterns I had forgotten about, which makes my to-do list longer than ever…

Today I’ve let myself go – I bought some fabric from my favorite online store and I’ve been searching the Internet for cute, plus sized vintage patterns. As soon as I’ll receive them, I’ll be sure to post pictures. 

I’ve got a busy weekend ahead of me, but I’ll try to sneak a project of two. Because I’m on a roll and because I NEED CLOTHES. Last year’s Spring/Summer clothes are too small, and anything bigger has already been given away last year…


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