Overview of the past weeks

As I said before the weekend, I’m finally sewing again. I believe my sewing mojo is back! Here’s a short overview of what kept me busy over the past weeks:

  • The first item I made was the new Jalie hoodie top. What a great pattern. It a relatively quick and painless pattern, which gives great results. I will definitely try to make another one by the end of Spring, this time with the shawl collar. For a complete review, see here.
  • Then I made a dress, because I am absolutely crazy about dresses nowadays. I’ve never been a girly girl as a child and a teenager (or even as a young, young adult) and my new fondness for skirts, discovered about 4 years ago, already transformed my wardrobe. This winter, dresses took over. Wow, no more need to find a skirt that matches with a certain top or vice versa… all I had to do was to put a dress on and voilà! Ready for work in no time! But unfortunately, I didn’t make any of these dresses. So I just had to start making some for the summer. I started with the Deco Vibe Delicious Dresses from Hot Patterns. Great stuff. I received many compliments for it, too (which always feels good! ;)) Click here for my review.
  •  Then I made a quick skirt, on a morning where I woke up before dawn and couldn’t fall asleep again. It was, like, 5 am when I sat down to put my skirt together. It was a very quick, instantly gratifying project. I had a very busy weekend ahead of me but I just wanted to get that skirt done! I made the mock wrap skirt No Sweat Easy Sew from Hot Patterns. You can read my review here.
  • And lastly, the dress I’m the most proud of. I really LOVE the fabric and I LOVE the pattern I used to make it, Simplicity KA 2947. I highly recommend it. You can read my review here. I know I will wear this dress all summer long!

There are also some “work in progress” projects, such as my (hopefully) entry in the Pattern Review Vintage contest. I want to make a dress I will be able to wear. I’m not really far into my project, unfortunately. I did make a muslin of the bodice to get an idea of the size and fit and surprisingly, except the sleeves’ width, everything fits perfectly. So I’ll have to add a cm or two to the sleeves, even though my fabric stretches while the fabric I used for my muslin doesn’t. My current question mark is shall I or shall I not line my dress (especially the bodice) and if I do, with what? I’m going away to Germany for the Easter weekend, far away from my sewing machine, so I’ll be able to do some thinking.

  A bunch of McCalls, Butterick and Vogue patterns - all dresses  A cute vintage dress pattern

I’ve also made a few purchases the last few weeks. As if my patterns and fabric stashes weren’t big enough yet. I know, I’m a herder, what can I say! I bought a few vintage patterns, and some new patterns too. All dresses, as you might have noticed. Did I mention I love dresses? I must say I puchased the Vogue SB pattern more for the hoodie than for the dress, but you never know.

I hope I can also make the vintage Simplicity 6274 by the end of April and enter it for the Vintage contest as a 2nd entry, along with the Knits contest too. I’m still puzzling about this one. I want to make it in a nice black knit, but I’m wondering if using a contrast fabric to enhance the bodice construction would be a good idea. I’m thinking of using white. I’ve made some sketches, using different combinations, but I’m still not satisfied. I could do some piping in white instead, which would surely look nice. Or get crazy and try making a slot seam in white. But can one make a slot seam with a knit? That’s my big question. But then again, piping isn’t usually made of knits anyway, so there goes my stretchiness. So many questions, as you can see! And the end of April will be there soon enough….

I couldn’t resist buying a bit of fabric 😳 I want to make a top and/or a skirt and/or a dress from the polkadot fabric. And I needed some uni turquoise knit to go with some other print knits I have – endless combinations right ahead! Ha! (the colors in the picture are a bit off – the polkadot fabric is black and white…)

Pfew! That’s about it. I’m leaving for my summer vacation in about 2 months, so there’s a lot of work ahead to build my vacation AND work wardrobe. I feel tired just thinking about it!

I wish you all a Happy Easter!


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