I don’t have time!!!!!!

I’ll spare you from the usual excuses about my absence. Let’s just say that I’ve had a hard time at work and in my personal life over the past year, resulting in a small burnout and a very bad RSI. And we all know that RSIs and sewing don’t mix very well. However I’ve been able to complete a good number of projects to cover for my Spring/Summer wardrobe needs. Some skirts, some tops. I hope I can find the time to take pictures and/or to review the patterns used!

And now that the warmer days are here, all I can think of is cold, wintery temperatures. And winter sewing, of course. And when the sewing bug hits me again, the blogging bug isn’t far behind 😉 I still haven’t made up my mind on what project to tackle first, let alone what projects I want to complete in time for Fall/Winter! But my plan is slowly getting more elaborated in my mind. I’m probably going to follow the rules of the Wardrobe 2010 Contest on PatternReview as general guidelines. This helps me make better decisions.

But for sure, I want to make:

  • leather handbag
  • winter coat
  • blouse
  • jumper

And I want to incorporate as many vintage-inspired details as I can. I hope to have a clearer plan within a week, as I want to start sewing as soon as possible! My arm is much better now and I know sewing helps me ease my mind in stressful situations, so it’s all for the better.


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