Instant gratification

I’m looking for an instant gratification project for this weekend. But I have no idea what I should make! When it comes to summer clothes, I’m pretty much covered. I don’t need any skirts, tops or dresses. I have enough pants too. My summer vacation will be spent cycling in France, so the only clothes I need are cycling shirts and compression shorts, and I have plenty already.

Perhaps I should start with my winter wardrobe… in July? Just thinking about it makes me sweat…

Edit: I think I found what I’m going to make. Not much of an instant gratification because it’s actually a more challenging project than I first intended, but I really, really want to make that dress!

It’s from BWOF 08-2009, dress 137. I’ve always found this picture to be absolutely hilarious 😀 The fabric I chose is a mystery woven with stretch, in a bottle green color. I have enough for this dress, a jumper and perhaps even a skirt. It’s very soft and drapes well, which is essential for the collar. I’m curious to see the result. All I need is to purchase 2 invisible zippers and I’m ready to go! To be continued…



  1. […] 2648 dress this weekend. I will use some of the olive green fabric I wanted to use for the BWOF dress. I’m thinking of making view A, but without the sleeve cuffs and down to about elbow size. […]

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