Mad Men sewing inspiration

I’m a big fan of Mad Men. And of Joan Holloway. I wish I could look just like her!

I made a collage of my favorite looks from Mad Men. I hope I can knock-off some of them for my Fall/Winter wardrobe.

But the first step will be to make these two patterns fit me like a glove. I think it’s going to be an amazing basic to re-create some of the looks above, especially the red dress in the center! The big covered button on the sleeve is such a cute detail, I’m totally in love with that dress. I also love the collar detail of the rusty red dress of the top left.

Which dress shall I knock-off first…?



  1. Top left first and then share! =)

  2. The blue one! I like end of 50s – begin of 60s style! And I think dark auburn hair would suit you!

    • marieclaude says:

      hehe thanks for the suggestion 🙂 I think I have a pattern somewhere I could use as a starting point. I’ve colored my hair auburn in the past and it’s true that it looked nice! But I have a problem: it seems my hair just can’t hold red pigments 😦 After just 2 weeks, it’s usually washed away. So now I’m only going for dark brown, my natural color. At least the roots don’t show 😆

  3. Ooh I am excited about your fall/winter wardrobe ideas. I am thinking the same thing for winter, I am also a mad men fan. I have bought vogue 8667 and vogue 8280 for my ones I intend to make. I can’t wait to see the ones you make!! 🙂

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