Instant gratification 2

I guess I’m impatient. Or I change my mind easily. Or I’m addicted. Or all of the above.

Earlier this week I ordered some fabric from my favorite online fabric store and I received the package today. Yay!

In the box was a black/ecru/red cotton gabardine:

And a great polyester woven – don’t ask me exactly what it is, I have no idea. The fabric store calls it ‘Terlenka’, which is supposed to be a synthetic fabric. Anyway, it’s in a wonderful dark teal color. It appears to have the same characteristics as the bottle green fabric I want to use for my Instant gratification dress this weekend. Very soft to the touch, not too thick, with good stretch in both directions, and drapes very well.

So what is the Instant gratification 2 project, you might ask?

I’m going to make a simple pencil skirt with the black cotton gabardine, this evening if possible, using my new favorite skirt pattern, McCall’s 3830.

I made 3 skirts using this pattern this Spring and I love it. The fit is great, it’s not complicated, and it’s very quick to assemble. A real instant gratification!

I’ll be sure to post pictures. We have a small get-together Friday after work to say goodbye to some of our colleagues that are leaving us, and I’d love to wear my new skirt for the occasion!


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