Project attention deficit disorder

I think I’m still suffering from PADD, aka project attention deficit disorder. So I had this wonderful plan to make a dress. I bought all of the notions on Saturday morning, I was ready to start… but in the end, I did nothing. Well, almost nothing. I cut and started to sew a leather handbag, using a pattern from the most recent Knipmode magazine, the one represented by the big tan suede bag with a big bow. I got stuck at the part where I need to attach the handles together. I’m fully fluent in Dutch, but for some reason I just don’t get it. On top of that, my machine was finding 4 layers of leather a bit too much to handle, I was getting tired too, so I just put everything aside and went for a long nap.

And Sunday? Meh… I did nothing, too.

So much for my big sewing plans.

On the other hand, on Friday a colleague asked me to make him a tools roll for his upcoming cycling trip. That’s all I needed to get my imagination rolling. We talked about his wishes, dimensions and looked at existing rolls for inspiration. I came up with this paper model:

Tools roll - paper model

The paper model received an instant seal of approval, so I went ahead and made a fabric model, in some denim remnants I had:

Tools roll - denim

Instant seal of approval received too! We just need to discuss the final modifications today and I’ll carry on with making the real deal, out of the huge leather remnants I have from my leather hand bag. I think I should be able to finish it today or tomorrow, so I’ll be sure to post pictures once I’m done.

And the dress? Well, it will probably wait until next weekend…


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