Green dress: done!

Edited: Here are the pictures. I’m very satisfied with the result (just not with what I look like, but that’s a different story) and I can’t wait to make that pattern again, in another variation. It will certainly be a favorite of mine for a long time! The only thing I would change so far would be the waist seam; not sure I really like it and I think I will hide it with a nice belt, an accessory that would also compliment my figure (giving me a more cinch waist). On the pictures I’m wearing the first belt I could grab, so this is not how the final look should/will be!

Front view (please excuse the wrinkles):

Side view:

Back view (again, please excuse the wrinkles):

I did a very good job at matching seams, if I say so myself, even with the invisible zipper placement at the waist seam:

So, that’s one dress down and many more garments to go, for sure!

On my to-do list the coming weeks:

– Jacket, using Simplicity 2662 Project Runway pattern. The fabric will be the same as the one I used for the dress.

– Skirt, view B of Simplicity 2516. The fabrics will be,  again, the same green fabric I used for my dress for the overskirt, and a similar fabric in black for the underskirt. This should be a quick and easy project.

– Adjusting a friend’s wedding dress; the fit isn’t optimal. I haven’t seen the dress yet on my friend, so I don’t know how much work it will represent. It seems like a simple dress though, very fluid, so I don’t expect any heavy construction and complicated fitting to do. I will try to document the process, this can always be useful for future reference!



  1. […] in multiple cup sizes. My previous experience with an Amazing Fit pattern with multiple cup sizes (my green dress) was a success in terms of fit, so I was really looking forward to a mash-up of the front bodice […]

  2. […] by removing about 3 cm of length at the center back, grading back to the side seam. When I made my green dress, I realised that the back was slightly too long, with extra fabric bunching up at the lower back […]

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