Wedding dress alteration progress

As I said last week, I was asked by a friend to alter her wedding dress. It’s a very simple dress, with a jersey bodice and underskirt, and flowy (silk?) overskirt, model Ibis 350 from VidaVita.

The dress suits her very well, only it’s not quite exactly what my friend was dreaming of. For starters, the waistline. It starts with an empire line at the front and ends up at the natural waistline at the back. My friend would rather have an empire line all the way around. The bodice also had some fitting issues, so I need to take in about 1 cm on each side, along with almost 2 cm at the shoulder seam.

Here’s a picture of the back and side bodice/skirt seam, after pinning at what would be an empire seam:

There is a bit of a bra showing problem, but this was there from the beginning. With the extra fabric taken in at the shoulder seam, it should be taken care of.

What I have done so far is rip the seam from the underbust gathers on one side, all the way around the back to the underbust gathers on the other side., including the elastic ties. I marked the new back seam line at the waist. I took about 1 cm in at each side seam, from the bottom of the bodice to about mid-way up the side seam.

I then stitched the skirt to the bodice following the new seam line.

Friday is the first fitting after the alterations. When we’re sure everything is fitting properly, we’ll mark the length of the skirt and make the necessary alterations there.

To be continued…


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