Wedding dress alteration – suite et fin

After a second fitting session, it appeared that the new back seam was actually ‘curvy’ and that was not what we were looking for. I guess I messed up my pinning or something… but luckily (and that was the whole point of the second fitting!) it was caught on time and I could easily correct this.

New back seam :

(excuse the white dress on white background… I had nowhere else to hang it than off my bedroom door!)

The dress was also considerably shortened, from lower mid-calf to just below the knee. I cut 15 cm off the underskirt and 17.5 cm off the overskirt.

No turning back now!

I finished the underskirt’s hem with a twin needle, nothing really difficult nor fancy. But it’s functional. As for the overskirt, I finished with a rolled hem using my serger, stretching the fabric ever so lightly in order to get a slight scalloped edge effect.

And here is the final result! I hope my bride will be happy… 🙂

Our last fitting is Wednesday evening. There won’t be time for me to make any corrections after that, so fingers crossed that the dress turned out the way it was supposed to!


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