Jewelry refashion

When I left my Belle Province to move to Holland, I took with me some old necklaces that my mother used to wear when I was a teenager. (I was 15… so that’s about 20 years ago. Scary.) They were not fancy nor expensive, but they had a huge sentimental value!

One of them had a very nice cameo and I thought it would look great with some vintage-inspired outfits. Only, the band was a bit shabby-looking and the necklace was a bit too small for me. So I decided to remove the old band and replace it with a green velvet ribbon I had in my sewing stash.

Here’s a picture of the old band (beige) and the ‘new’ necklace:

Close-ups of the cameo and the chain closing:

The green color matches my green dress beautifully, of course 😉

I haven’t been doing any sewing the last 2 weeks, as I was on vacation! But now I have to get back on the saddle and get on with some projects! I am also  impatiently waiting for the new Ottobre Woman magazine to arrive, the sneak preview looks very promising: I really like the tops 1 and 4, along with the skirt 2 and quite possibly the coat 15. I’ll have to look more closely at that last one, I’m still doubting whether the pattern I set aside for my winter coat, McCall’s 5718, is actually the one I will be making. The one from Ottobre Woman might just win the race…



  1. Dear Marie-Claude,

    I love your jewelry!
    A few years ago you did bring me some Simplicty patterns. You did make me a happy camper with that! 🙂

    Warm greetings,

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