Time flies… when you have to work

Since my episode of emotional exhaustion and repetitive-strain injury of this Spring, I’ve been slowly increasing my working hours, with as objective to be back to working full-time as soon as possible. I’m now at 7 hours per day, which is a huge improvement on the 3 hours per day I was at in May!

But more working hours means less time for my hobbies, unfortunately.

After the August rush to finish the alterations to my friend’s wedding dress, I had a short but wonderful holiday in France. Then September started with a bang, as I had to prepare to get a certification in Localization (I’m a translator… did I ever mention it?), which meant lots of studying, loads of stress, and travelling to Germany for a few days. I think it took me about 1 week to recover from that, and I’m still not sure I really have recovered!

And now September is almost over… and I haven’t done any sewing. I know I had big plans to make a winter coat, but it just won’t happen. At least not for now.  My coat of last year still fits and looks all right, so I’ll go with that one in the short-term. If ever I have the time or the energy to work on a new winter coat, I can always go ahead and do it. But my short-term plans are just to make some simple items to compliment the current content of my closet. I did a big purge yesterday, parting with the items that don’t fit, don’t flatter, don’t compliment, etc. I am now ready for some new stuff to come in 🙂 Plus it gave me a good insight on what I have now and what I’m missing. For example,  I noticed I don’t have a black pencil skirt, which should be quick and painless to make. And I really could use some more tops to coordinate with the bottoms I currently have.

So that’s going to be the plan for the coming weeks, folks! Starting with the pencil skirt.


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