Creative outlets

I haven’t had any time to sew or do anything related to sewing the past weeks. I didn’t even manage to trace my full-scale block yet, let alone sew it up. I’ve been BUSY. And ill too. Stupid flu.

A few weeks ago I attended the annual Vereniging Sancho Clubdag. Sancho is a small non-profit association of  sewing enthusiasts in the Netherlands. I’ve been a member since 2004. It’s a great bunch of women (and men!) who are really creative and they form a very lively Internet community. They’ve helped me a lot to navigate the sewing/fabric/notions world in the Netherlands, where it’s sometimes hard to find notions that are so obviously common in the US or Canada. I’ve learned so much from them!

I haven’t been very active on the forum the last few years, being too busy with… well… life. The same reasons that kept me from blogging pretty much kept me from participating in Sancho’s activities. Oh and the fact that I’m more active on PatternReview doesn’t help either, I’m sure.

The annual Clubdag (“Club day”) is really a fun day. You get to meet other forum members face to face (sometimes for the first time!), buy fabric/patterns/notions at a special market place, and attend super-interesting workshops in various sewing techniques or general crafty interests, given by external experts or by members. This year, I signed up for a painting workshop, and a sequins/beading techniques workshop.

The painting workshop was showing us how to make some sort of a transfer print by using fabric paint on a piece of Vliesofix. You then iron the design on your garment to transfer the design. Here’s my final artwork:

No I didn’t paint it free-hand. I found an image on the Internet and used it as a guide 😉 I don’t know what I’m going to use it for. A t-shirt? An apron? Anyway, it was a really fun morning workshop and I received tons of compliments. It always helps one self-confidence, doesn’t it?

In the afternoon, it was time for the sequins and beading techniques. I sewed sequins and beads before, but never with a real technique, more like trial and error. I was glad I could learn it properly this time.

On the picture above, you can see all the various techniques of sewing sequins and beads to embellish anything – a blouse, a dress, an apron, a shawl… We even learned how to make a beading fringe (top left), how cool is that?

All in all, it was a fun day. I learned new techniques to embellish my (future) clothes and I got to chat with other sewing and crafts enthusiasts. I’ll surely sign up again next year 🙂

This weekend, if I have time and energy, I’ll give a try to sew my Halloween costume. Got an idea in mind, just have to translate it to a real-life costume!


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