Projects updates

A while ago, I mentioned I was going to make a simple black pencil skirt. It took me forever to find some time to take pictures… so here they are, finally.

Back view of the skirt. I'm sorry for the lack of details in the photo, but it's a black skirt after all...

Button detail

I added a cute black button at the back vent to spice up this rather plain skirt. Yes, I see there is some piece of thread hanging. It is now gone 😉


I finished the hem with bias binding and hemmed the skirt using fusible tape. I know I should have picked a black tape, but I didn't find any! But to be honest, it doesn't show very much...

I also realised I forgot to introduce you to Diana, my dress form. I bought it at the end of September when I started my pattern drafting lessons. It has been very difficult to find a plus-size dress form that would go up to my measurements. Most would stop a good 10 cm short!

I have yet to use it to its full potential, but it shouldn’t be long until I can use it as my body double. My teacher and I are working on drafting a princess seam-based pattern that I could slip over it (with some extra padding…) to mimic my, well, curves. This should make pattern fitting, drafting and draping much easier in the future.

Talking about my lessons, I’m still truly enjoying them. So far we’ve dealt with a standard block for tops, I’m now busy with my standard block for skirts, along with a princess-seamed version of the top pattern (I love princess seams!). The whole process is very enlightening, but also hard on the ego: you realise how malformed you really are! hahaha

And the Holidays are coming at lightning speed! This period is usually the only time I sew for others, otherwise I’m a totally selfish seamstress 😉 Some of the projects I cannot really talk about because they are presents, but I can share one of them. I made a vintage-inspired apron for my aunt, who loves cats. I used this Butterick pattern, view D.

Finished apron with cat appliqué. Fabric used: unbleached cotton and plaid cotton, all from stash.

Detail of the pockets.

Details of the appliqué. I cut around it with pinking shears for an added "vintage" look. And of course this cute kitty needed a cute bow to make it even cuter! 😉

I will share the rest of my creations after the Holidays. For now… they’re top-secret!



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