Oh the weather outside is frightful…

… but my sewing room is so delightful!

Despite my sewing list growing by the day (“Oh I should make this for X… and this would be so cool for Y!”), I decided to squeeze in some sewing for myself. I’m not planning on going to any parties but one can always use a party dress in her wardrobe anyway, right?

I chose View B (the navy party dress) of Simplicity 2338 for its vintage feel:

My fabric is some silvery grey mystery polyester satin with (I presume) some lycra, on the medium-weight side. It drapes very well, but also holds its shape.

I brought the pattern with me at my last meeting with my tutor and she had great advice for me on how to adjust the pattern using my princess-seamed block and general overall adjustments. Turns out I don’t even have to lengthen the front to make sure the empire waist sits where it should be and I shouldn’t have to make too much adjustments for my sway back, thanks to the curved CB seam and the pleats. I will re-draft the front bodice pieces according to my block for a better fit, and use my sleeve block to re-draft the sleeve head. All in all, it’s still a lot of work, but I’m curious to try out my blocks “for real” this time. All I’ve done so far is make muslins to check the fit of the block themselves!

What’s missing under this skirt is some cute petticoat 🙂 I’ll try to find tulle and/or organza once I’m all settled at my vacation “resort” (in other words: my parents’ house ;-)) and whip one using online resources. It can’t be that complicated, right? Plus, I have a  sewing fairy godmother who can help me over there, so I can’t go wrong.

And with my silver shoes, I’m sure to be turning heads 😆

Silver Mary-Janes from the Beth Ditto at Evans collection 2010 - sold out, unfortunately!

But first on the list is my top-secret sewing, phase 2. And one pyjama top, so I can finally show you my “lounging” outfit for my “resort” vacation 😉


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