Does this ham make me look fat?

Here I am on the other side of the ocean, enjoying my well-deserved vacation. The return to reality will take place in a few days, but until then, I am charging up my batteries!

I still managed to make a stop at the fabric store to buy some notions I needed for my party dress. And because I couldn’t help it, I bought a few other things, like a tailor’s ham and a seam roll.

When I read the French translation for the product name for the tailor’s ham, I couldn’t stop laughing: back translated into English, “bourrelet de couturière”  means something like “seamstress’ fat roll”. Seriously? 😆

Honey, does this ham make me look fat? 😆

I made good progress on my party dress. I’ll share my process once I’m done, either tomorrow or Friday, just in time for Christmas’ Eve!


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