Party time!

Apologies for the delay, the making of my x-mas party dress didn’t exactly go as planned. I got struck by a migraine on Dec. 23 and I barely finished my dress on time on Christmas Eve! But in the end I decided not to wear it for practical reasons, as the dinner was going to be very messy and I was afraid I’d get it dirty.

And shortly after x-mas it was time to go back home, fight jet lag, work a few days, etc. So here it is, finally!

The skirt is really poofy thanks to an awesomely gigantically poofy petticoat I bought on Amazon the other day. For some reason, they sent me the wrong size, but it still fits nicely, so I couldn’t be bothered returning it. I need to lose some weight anyway 😉

Now back to the dress. During my trip to Fabricville to gather the missing notions, I saw the new Simplicity Spring catalogue and instantly fell in love with a new pattern from their Amazing Fit collection, #2247. It’s not up on the Simplicity website yet, but for now it’s available for purchase via As much as I loved the original pattern I chose, Simplicity 2338, it wasn’t available in multiple cup sizes. My previous experience with an Amazing Fit pattern with multiple cup sizes (my green dress) was a success in terms of fit, so I was really looking forward to a mash-up of the front bodice and sleeves of 2247, with the collar and skirt of 2338. I carefully measured the bodice side seams, the armscye and the princess seams, and to my surprise, everything was either identical, or a good match.  Of course the front bodice princess seams were longer with the DD-cup, and wouldn’t match the collar length nor the facing length, but I figured I’d just shorten it with some kind of curved seam:

Curved seam

Of course this was a TERRIBLE rookie mistake, in the sense that obviously the DD-cup seams are longer to accommodate the extra roundness. But lo and behold, the waist seam is actually horizontal both on me and on Diana.

Waist seam

Ok, so it doesn’t show very much on this picture 😉  You’ll just have to take my word for it!

For the sleeves, I used the pleated version of #2247 and added length to match the 3/4 length of the original pattern. I had trouble with the top pleat, as you can see in the picture, even with basting it kept on opening. So there, I left it as is. I didn’t feel like fussing about!


To add a bit of fullness at the hem, I used horsehair. That’s for when I don’t want to wear the full crinoline.


And the dress wouldn’t be complete without the cute belt buckle!


All in all, I’m really happy with my dress, even though it’s not something I’d wear every day. But that’s not the only purpose of sewing, is it? Sometimes it’s just fun to make something for the sake of making it.

I don’t know what my next project will be, for now I’m still fighting jet lag (ugh!) and I’m tempted to start working on a Spring/Summer wardrobe. I’ll think about it 🙂

Best wishes to everyone for the New Year!

Edit: Here I am, ready to party… in my own living room with DH 🙂 Only after taking the pictures I noticed the belt buckle was not straight… oh well. But you get the idea 😉

Dress: Made by me

Shoes: Evans (now sold out)

Bag: Feet First Shoes

Fascinator: Pieces (last year’s collection)

Necklace: Bought a few years ago in a random shop in Aalsmeer, during my lunch break! 😆



  1. Wow MC, beautiful dress!

  2. Love the dress! Go party!

  3. Great dress! That fabric can be really hard to work with.


  1. […] Fit pattern,  2247, using the sleeve pattern for view B. I used these sleeves before, namely on my New Year’s party dress. There are 3 little pleats at the top of the sleeve, giving it a bit of a poof, but without being […]

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