Thinking of Spring/Summer sewing

Blame it on the pattern companies who launched their “early Spring” collections already. Or blame it on the cold winter. But all I think about these days, is what will I wear this Spring/Summer? So far I’m a bit underwhelmed by the new patterns, I hope this is not a sign of the main collections to come. Although there’s a good side: maybe I can use the patterns in my stash instead of hoarding more 😉

Speaking of my stash, I’ve been slowly browsing the patterns I have, picking my favorite candidates. Once I’m satisfied with my preliminary choices, I’ll review these again and narrow them down to the elected few. I think I can have a good basis with 4 bottoms, 4 tops, 1 topper and maybe 1 or 2 dresses.

My criteria for choosing the final patterns are:

  • Preferably made with knits: because I’m sitting at my desk in a warm office all day, I want to be comfortable and not feel constricted or sweaty.
  • Easy and quick to make: I don’t want to spend 3 weeks on 1 garment. I don’t have time nor energy nor motivation to commit to that.
  • Figure flattering: that’s a tricky one. I’m starting to understand my body shape more and more, but I realise that when I purchased these patterns, I might not have been aware of it and fell for the pretty designs… So I have to stay rational and think draping, gathers, empire line in soft fabrics, flowy skirts at the knee, 3/4 sleeves, etc.
  • Have some vintage flair: not all final patterns need to meet this criteria, but the more the merrier!

As for fabrics, I want to use what I have in my stash as much as possible. I’m sure I’ll find something. I’m not expecting all of my 4 tops and 4 bottoms to mix and match with each other, but as long as 1 top matches with at least 2 bottoms, for example, I’ll be happy 🙂

This whole pattern stash browsing exercise might be a good opportunity to set aside the patterns that I should re-sell because they either don’t fit or don’t flatter! With the extra money I can invest in accessories or buy a RTW item that would complement what I’m making. Sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it?

On to more pattern browsing…


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