Swing dress sew-along

I’ve made the jump: my first ever blogosphere sew-along! Casey of Casey’s Elegant Musings will be leading a sew-along of Sense and Sensibility’s 1940’s Swing Dress in January and February. I purchased the e-pattern a while ago but never got around to neither print it nor do anything with it. By coincidence I’m seeing my drafting teacher this evening, I’ll bring the pattern along to get advice on how to adjust it according to my block. For sure I’m going to have to make a sway back adjustment and perhaps enlarge the armscye and sleeve. And make the front bodice longer to accommodate the girls. This should be an interesting challenge!

I’m still not sure about the fabric I’m going to use, I really have to have a look at my stash. I’d rather use something I have already than buy (yet again) more fabric. Yes, I’m really saying that, can you believe it? 😆  Only, I almost never buy silky or crepe-y or rayon-y woven fabrics, so I’m afraid the possibilities offered by my stash will be limited. I might give it a try in a double-knit or in a rayon knit for that matter. With some stabilising at the seams, it should work just fine, right?

Anyway, I’m really excited about this project and joining the group! I can’t wait to get started!



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