40’s Swing Dress Sew-Along – preparing for the muslin

Quick update on the sew-along. It’s been a crazy week, with ups and downs as far as my health is concerned. Stupid cold. I think I’m on my way to recovery, but it’s taking me longer than I would have liked!

Anyway, this week was when we were supposed to prepare for the muslin of the Swing Dress Sew-Along. First, I needed to stick some sheets together:

This part went well. If you don’t change the order of the sheets once they come out of the printer, it’s pretty easy to figure out what goes where. The order of some sheets was changed though, and it took me some time to put them back in the right order! Here are my pattern pieces, ready to be used:

To adjust the pattern, I didn’t use the pieces directly, I traced them first on my tracing paper:

Based on my measurements, I traced what would be the equivalent of a size 28 (the pattern goes up to size 26). And even then, when I compared my block to the pattern pieces… pffff… I had to add sometimes up to 2″ to the side seams! The sleeve head and the armscye were the biggest challenges. Among the other major changes, I lengthened the front bodice of about 2″, along with adding a 2nd dart to the back skirt. I don’t have pictures of all these changes, but I will make sure I highlight them on my muslin once it’s sewn, so you can see (and perhaps tell me what I did wrong, ha!).

To be continued…



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