Summer sewing and badass fabric

I have to share about my recent fabric purchases. Yes, I know I said I didn’t want to buy any new fabric for the time being. Yes, I know I said I wanted to use as much as possible the mounts of fabric I have in my stash for my Spring/Summer sewing.

But I couldn’t resist.

First, I’ve been obsessed with finding a cotton fabric with a lemons print. I need a lemon dress. Or a lemon skirt. In any case, yellow has slowly been growing on me as a Spring/Summer color and lemons are, well, yellow. I didn’t find anything online in the Dutch fabric stores, so I ventured to and voilà, the perfect lemon print:

It’s not as bright in real life, but it’s absolutely gorgeous. It might end up being a dress, but for now I’m aiming at a skirt. I’m thinking Simplicity 2606 view C, with black satin as contrasting fabric. Yum.

And because I’m going to have a totally badass Spring/Summer wardrobe, I needed some badass fabric too. Enter fun cotton prints with Ed Hardy “tattoos” 😆 Found at my favorite online fabric store, De Stoffenkraam (some of them are sold out now, thanks to me :lol:). First, a gorgeous royal blue print. I’m thinking Butterick 5313, view B.

Then, we have a light blue background print, which is going to be turned into a vintage dress pattern I have in my stash. It’s similar to the Butterick pattern above, but with a slightly fuller skirt, and short sleeves with cuffs instead of elastics.

And last, I only have 1.70 m of this fabric. And the picture on the website let me believe it was sort of lilac-ish, but in reality it’s actually grey. Meh. So I was a bit disappointed. I’m not sure what I’ll make out of this one, maybe a cute apron?

So there you have it, my latest fabric loot 😉 First on my list, after the Swing Dress, the mod dress and the high-waisted skirt (I know, I still haven’t given any details about the last two… be patient, it’s coming ;-)), will be the lemon skirt. Then probably the royal blue dress, and then the light blue dress…

Gosh, my projects list is growing by the day! 😦

ETA: I started putting together the muslin for the Swing Dress. I just don’t “get” the neckline. So I’m just setting everything aside for now. Maybe next week it’ll become clear…



  1. cindy Espeseth says:

    The neckline is a breeze. Sew the back facing to the short part of the front bodice. Then sew the L-shaped pieces together on each side. What threw me off was the ironing. Just follow the pattern, where it says to iron, it won’t look right unless you really look at the finished picture.


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