When life throws you lemons…

… make a lemon print skirt!

Just a quick post to show off my lemon skirt, that I finished last weekend. I used Simplicity 2606, and made view C, but without the belt. My main fabric is a 100% cotton print, and I used a poly satin for the contrasting band.

This skirt is quick and easy to make. There are several pleats to make at the front and back, but you quickly get in the flow of joining lines, pinning, sewing, pressing. I cut what would be the equivalent of a 26, but I could have gotten away easily with a 24 I think. Or even a straight 22. There is a lot of ease, the skirt is really wide and twirly. It is meant to be worn 1″ below waist line, but I might end up wearing it at my natural waist line (which is quite high). The skirt sits and looks better on me when I wear it a bit higher.

To be really honest, I’m still undecided about the skirt. Do I like it? Sure, it looks ok. Do I love it? I don’t know… I’ll wear it a few times and then make up my opinion 😉



  1. […] Before I left for my vacation, I mentioned I needed to get in factory mode and make t-shirts for the warmer months ahead. Well, I didn’t get to make a single one. Oh well… there’s always this weekend! I’ll give Butterick 5562 View A a try in a mossy green viscose knit. I think it’ll look very nice with my lemon skirt! […]

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