Dresses, dresses

I still need to sew for Spring/Summer… and we’ve already had temperatures above 15°C! Needless to say, I hate this period when it’s not quite warm enough to wear short sleeves, but getting way too warm for long skirts and tights. I’m spending long minutes in front of my closet asking myself the eternal question: “What am I going to wear?”

So I decided to go for a quick-fix, and I’ll give Vogue 8632 (view A) a try tomorrow:

The fabric is some mystery poly flower print I bought years ago at a fabric market. I think I must have paid 5 euros in total, a bargain. It’s very lightweight (but not transparent), it drapes very nicely and doesn’t wrinkle at all. And I love the print, with my red shoes it’ll be perfect 😉  I have just enough fabric for view A and I expect View A to end up being on the short side. Fortunately, I know I’ll be wearing it with a pair of black leggings, even in the middle of the summer (anti-chafing!), so it doesn’t really bother me. I have a zipper and the biais tape in my stash already, so I’m good to go!

Next weekend, I want to work on this Vogue 8573 pattern. I just love this dress with back tie. I need a red dress for a photo shoot in April and I’m planning on using some gorgeous red linen (very lightweight) I have in my stash. The pattern calls for a lining and I actually *will* line this dress (I usually ignore linings unless I really can’t avoid them). The only problem is that my linen is actually blended with some lycra, and I don’t want to lose this stretchiness by using a non-stretch lining fabric. I just placed a quick order for some stretch lining fabric at my favorite online fabric store, and I should get my package by Wednesday, just in time for a weekend of sewing 🙂

After reading this, I know my poor teacher is going to say something like: “What about those patterns we worked on together?” Yes, I’ll work on them very soon. Just not now 😉



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