One pretty dress, one!

For once, I kept my word and stuck to my weekend sewing plan. Yay! But it was close, because I only had a 4-hour window this morning to cut & sew my dress. This turned out to be plenty of time. The pattern was really straightforward.

Here is the result, on Diana my dress form:

It’s hard to see the details because of the black fabric and the print. But I’m very satisfied with out the dress turned out. It is indeed a bit short, but it’s perfect with leggings. It’s a good thing that I graded the pattern up to what would be a size 28, instead of my standard grading to size 26. The fabric doesn’t stretch whatsoever, so I can use the extra room. But to be frank, it fits just fine, it’s not even big! Either I gained more weight than I thought (gulps!) or the pattern doesn’t have much ease. (I’d rather think the pattern doesn’t have much ease………………..)

Here’s a close-up of the front:

I know, y0u really cannot see the details. Sorry! I’ll have to make another dress with that pattern in a lighter color 😉 I used the D-cup front bodice piece and I do have plenty, plenty of room for the girls. The instructions make you baste the two front pieces together along the centre front line (about 5 cm) before attaching the bodice to the skirt, to help keep the front bodice pieces aligned properly. I haven’t seen anything about removing this basting, so I left it in place. I don’t see any seam line at the bodice center front on the technical drawing though. But you really can’t see the stitches of black thread on the black fabric, plus it prevents the front overlapping pieces from opening to the point of indecency 😉

As for the back, I read reviews on Pattern Rewiew about shoulders dropping all the time, but it’s not my case: I have large shoulders and I made sure I used the ties to hold the shoulder seams where they belong! Only, I used satin ribbon instead of the self fabric ties for a nice extra touch:

Now it’s a question of waiting for a warm Spring day to wear my pretty dress 😀



  1. al sig. Francesco.Il modo in cui Ella termina il suo commento “Chiaro?” rende lapalissiana la Sua decisamente poca cortesia… che tra l’altro si scorgeva di già nel Suo presumere… che questo blog fosse pubblico!L’amico Cherubino – che saluto con la stima di sempre – ha chiarito bene – come sempre – quanto ho cercato di spiegarLe.

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