Spreading the sewing virus

Last Sunday, I went to give my teacher a hand during the sewing workshops she is organising. During these workshops, high school girls work on various outfits they designed themselves, to have them ready for a fund-raising fashion show at the end of the school year.  Since a few years back, high school students in the Netherlands are obligated to complete an internship that consists in volunteer work for charity organisations. My teacher chairs a non-profit organisation that allows students to develop their social skills in a creative way. (For more information about the foundation, have a look at their website.)

Helping out the students during the workshop is very rewarding. And it helps consolidating my sewing skills, as I need to organise my thoughts properly when explaining a new skill or technique to a beginner! Something might make sense to me, but this doesn’t mean it’ll make sense for another person and that this person will spontaneously know what I mean 🙂 Terminology is an issue too. I’m  used to the US English terms used by Big 4 pattern companies. But for international students, who might speak a different variant of English, this can pose a challenge. Just as an example, the different terms that could be used to describe sewing a garment by hand quickly before assembling it with the machine. I use “basting”. But this word was relatively unknown to my audience last Sunday! But we all managed to speak the same language in the end: the language of sewing 😉

It’s also amazing to see how creative these kids are. Some of their designs are truly awesome! They could definitely be a participant on Project Runway in the future. I can’t wait for the fashion show in June, and see all the final garments on the runway.

The turn-up for the workshop last Sunday was a bit disappointing, we only had two students. I guess the weather was just too great! Hopefully the turn-up will be higher for the next workshop 😉

For more pictures from the workshop, check out my Picasa album!



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