A UFO among us

It’s the first one of the season. The first UFO (un-finished object) landed at my house. I could feel it coming, but kept on going, hoping my hard work would chase it away. But it wasn’t enough.

Here I present to you the “Meh dress”. This is Voge 8573 (now apparently out-of-print), made of a linen/lycra blend, with contrasting collar/ties made of poly charmeuse. The fit is less baggy on me than on the dress form, and it’s actually quite comfortable to wear, and looks ok, but it just doesn’t excite me. All I can say is: meh.

I was so excited about the pattern though. A fitted red dress! With a big bow! I could totally channel my inner Joan Holloway rocking that dress at the office! But no such luck. It started with the fact that I didn’t have enough fabric for the ties even though I had enough according to the yardage on the back of the pattern, so I had to look for a matching fabric. I first used some red poly chiffon with white polka dots, but the fabric was so fiddly I couldn’t get the seams straight – it ended up in the bin. I then found a remnant of charmeuse that wouldn’t let itself be cut properly on the bias, which causes the ties to refuse to be pressed flat as there’s always a twist in the fabric.

Then I kept on accumulating mistake after mistake, including understitching the main shell instead of understitching the lining. Ugh. This can be fixed, but to me this was the last straw. I decided to try on the dress, hoping for some excitement that would give me enough energy to correct the mistakes and finish the dress. But the excitement never came.

View from the back, with ties ‘untied’:

I’m leaving the dress on my dress form for now, in the hope that it’ll start growing on me. As I said, I don’t hate the dress, it’s just not as WOW as I would have hoped for. And I can’t be bothered to finish it if I won’t even wear it… I got enough other projects on my sewing list!

So here it is, the first UFO of the season. Probably not the last, unfortunately… that’s the joy of sewing 😉



  1. I can sympathise with these UFO’s. I have a lot of them that often sit around for six months. Either because I get too frustrated if I make too many mistakes and we just need some time apart, or normally because I get a pattern or fabric for something much more excitng that I can’t wait to make instead. Knowing I’m not the only one, you now don’t make me feel so guilty for putting mine aside. p.s. i love the fabric on the bow, and what a cute detail the bow makes. I look forward to seeing you model yours when you finish it 🙂

    • marieclaude says:

      hahaha I know that problem of ‘attention deficit disorder’ 😀 I hope I’ll finish the dress someday, there’s not much left to do: re-do the understitching, slipstitch the lining at the hem, sleeves and zipper… maybe when I’ll be less frustrated 😉 I don’t have any of the charmeuse fabric left, although I have a similar fabric but in different colors (blues and grays). I’m still waiting for the perfect pattern to come along for that fabric!

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