Exciting news

A short while ago, a friend (and ex-colleague) who is a photographer asked me if I’d like to showcase my sewing work with a professional photo shoot. It would help her expand her portfolio, and it would help me gain some exposure… and perhaps some confidence in my abilities too. I am really excited by this opportunity, but it also means one thing: I gotta get sewing!

The shoot will have a strong retro vibe, and this is the main reason I’ve been sewing garments with a vintage feel lately: full skirts, frills, old skool prints, etc. I have more of these planned for the coming weeks. My goal is to have about 5 outfits that could be used for the shoot. A make-up artist will be present as well. I just have to do my hair, but that’s easy: pin curls galore!

The small details still need to be confirmed, but the shoot should take place during the 1st week of May. I can’t wait! 😀

If you live in the Netherlands, please take a minute to visit my friend’s website, xllens photography, and book her for a photo shoot of your own 😉

I also redesigned my blog with a new template, I hope you like it 🙂



  1. Looking forward to seeing it! The theme is really cute! 🙂

    • marieclaude says:

      Quite a girly theme huh? 😉 I have to work on the header again, I did it quickly yesterday using Paint LOL


  1. […] This is dress #3 for the photo shoot: […]

  2. […] To complete my long weekend of sewing & sunshine, I finished dress #4 for the photo shoot: […]

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