Fabric market loot

Last weekend was my yearly Spring highlight: the fabric market was in town! I once talked about such an event a few years ago here. Fabric, and fabric and more fabric.

And what a beautiful, warm Sunday it was!  I went later than usual, because I had to be somewhere else in the morning. So it was quite crowdy when I got there. But the weather made it bearable – sunshine! My typical way to approach the fabric market is to first establish my budget for the day – and stick to it 😉 It’s sooooooooo easy to get carried away! But I was a good girl and managed to even stay under budget, ha! After that, I make a list (mental or written) of what I’d like to find – prints? cotton? knits? what colors? do I need notions? And then I make a first round, visiting each stand, looking, feeling. I compare prices, quality. The hardest is to resist buying on impulse, at first sight. Often enough, you’ll find that same fabric cheaper at another stand, OR you’ll have a ‘What was I thinking?’ moment once you’re back home. So I make mental notes of the fabrics I’d like to buy and how much it would cost. Sometimes I have to make difficult decisions to stick to my budget and reluctantly leave one or two behind, but often enough, once I visit the stand a second time, the fabric isn’t as appealing as it was in the first place. Problem solved!

So here’s a summary of what I brought back:

Animal print lining for my jacket (thats the red fabric underneath!) I had another lining in mind first, but when I found that one, I couldnt resist 🙂

A soft antique pink seersucker, perfect for a nightgown

Cherries! Cherries! A cotton print for a fruity circle skirt 🙂

A knit border print. Will probably end up being a simple t-shirt dress for lounging or travelling

Polka dots. Because I love them.

Some fun cotton prints

And because Im in a yellow phase, I bought some soft yellow eyelet, a stretch poplin, and a poly blend.

A gorgeous border print, lovely drape

Thats actually the same piece of fabric, but the other half - a different border print, how cool is that??

So, there you have it – my fabric stash has been refilled 😆

Happy sewing week everyone!



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