A dress for Easter

First of all, Happy Easter! Don’t overindulge in chocolate 😉

It’s a beautiful day outside, with temperatures well above 20°C. In my sewing room, in the attic, I’m sure the temperature is flirting with 30°C… it’s so warm! But with a small window open and a fan blowing in my face, it was quite nice to sit at my sewing machine this morning. The advantage of beginning early, is finishing early to enjoy the sun the rest of the day!

This is dress #3 for the photo shoot: (Edit: I added a picture of the dress with petticoat underneath, on the right)


Classic 50’s/60’s style with a full circle skirt and a princess seam bodice with sweetheart neckline. I used another one of my Ed Hardy ‘old skool tattoo’ fabric – I love it!

To make this dress, I used 3 different patterns. The full circle skirt comes from Vogue 8648, graded up to a size 26. The bodice comes from the new Simplicity Amazing Fit 2174, views B/C. Did I ever mention how I love Amazing Fit patterns? They are, well… amazing. They are all drafted using the same block, obviously, so you can easily mix and match necklines, sleeves and skirt variations to fit your creative needs. For this dress, I used the sweetheart neckline of views B/C.

I’m pretty pleased with the neatness of the neckline! I’m not usually that precise… To add a little something to the neckline (and tack the facings down – I totally forgot to understitch them before I trimmed the allowance!) I top stitched using one of the many embroidery designs of my sewing machine.

For the sleeves, I used another Simplicity Amazing Fit pattern, 2247, using the sleeve pattern for view B. I used these sleeves before, namely on my New Year’s party dress. There are 3 little pleats at the top of the sleeve, giving it a bit of a poof, but without being too poofy. When cutting the front bodice pieces, I didn’t notice that I didn’t place the pattern piece correctly, and I was missing a small piece the size of a 3 x 4 x 3 cm triangle. I sewed a little piece of fabric with a small zigzag and immobilized it with a strip of iron-on tape. But once the shoulder seam and the sleeve seam were in, you barely see anything, as shows the picture below:

Here’s a back view and a side view (with side zipper) of the dress:


And a full skirt wouldn’t be complete without horsehair braid!

I can’t wait to wear my dress to work this week 🙂

If you’re wondering, I’m almost done with my jacket! I just need to sew the buttons and button holes. It’s on my planning list for tomorrow! Here’s a little picture teaser of my jacket:

A complete project review will follow as soon as I’m done…

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!



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