Polka dot extravaganza

To complete my long weekend of sewing & sunshine, I finished dress #4 for the photo shoot:

I nicknamed this dress Polka Dot Extravaganza. I must admit I’m a bit so-so about this dress. It looks great, it looks good on me, but I’m not as wowed as I expected to be when I was imagining it or even making it. The fabric is a mystery polyester (?) polka dot print with a slight stretch. Washes and dries like a dream, doesn’t wrinkle whatsoever! At €2/meter it was a steal! I used about 2.5 m for this dress, so if I include the costs of the zipper and the horsehair, this dress probably cost me no more than €10!

To make this dress, I used the bodice & sleeves of Simplicity Amazing Fit 2217. Yes, another Amazing Fit pattern. I love them, what can I say! I wish all Simplicity patterns were part of that collection… Anyway, here’s a close-up of the bodice, although the pleats aren’t really apparent on this picture:

The neckline is a tad too low, I’ll probably have to wear a cami underneath. I like the midriff section, it’s emphasizing my narrowest section, right under the bust. Very slimming! I added the full circle skirt from Vogue 8648, only this time I didn’t add an extra 5 cm like I did for my Easter dress, as I didn’t have enough fabric. The resulting skirt is a tad on the short side; it hits right at the knee, so in theory it’s not too short, but I would have still liked it to hit right blow the knee. It makes the petticoat peak from underneath, which is cute, I must admit! And obviously, I added horsehair braid at the hem 🙂


For the sleeves, I used the pleated sleeves of the Amazing Fit pattern and added about 2 cm of width, but still the sleeves were too small. So I just un-stitched the pleat, I left the stitching at the sleeve hem, it adds a cute detail methinks:

And with all this, I still haven’t finished my jacket! After I finished this dress yesterday, I just didn’t have the courage, the will nor the energy to work on the buttons and button holes. The coming days should be slightly colder and we might even get some rain, so I should really give it a push this evening!

Up next on the sewing list for next weekend: a blouse and a pencil skirt…



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