Getting ready for the photo shoot!

I am getting ready for the photo shoot tomorrow, gathering my clothes, my shoes, my accessories and making last-minute tests on curling my hair for the big day. I’m so excited! In the end I decided to go for hot rollers instead of pin curls, mostly because I think I have absolutely no talent in setting pin curls. My attempts so far have been unsuccessful, to say the least! But I seem to be able to achieve some good results with hot rollers, yay!

At least there’s one thing I don’t need to worry about: the make-up is taken care of by a professional make-up artist. Nonetheless, I’m going to be bringing my Retro Makeup book, freshly received this week. This book is wonderful, it reads like a history book! If you own the Vintage Hairstyling book, you must get its sequel, the Retro Makeup book!

I have no sewing projects to show off or to talk about today. My next projects for the photo shoot were a skirt and a blouse, but the blouse failed me miserably – it’s the fabric, not my talents. I tried to make 3 garments out of it already, and all 3 failed. The skirt is all cut and ready to sew, but without the blouse, it’s just not the same. So I’m giving myself a break from sewing this weekend and I won’t be using the skirt for the shoot. It’s okay, I have 4 dresses already anyway 🙂

Yesterday was Queen’s Day in the Netherlands, when the whole country transforms itself in a gigantic flea market. It’s usually kids selling their toys, but there are also professional antique dealers selling some merchandise. I found a very pretty vintage double strand pearl necklace with silver clasp for just a few euros.


Isn’t it pretty? Yes, that’s me on the picture. After walking around the city center, we went for a drink and a sandwich and I just had to try my necklace on 😀

I’ll be back tomorrow to tell you aaaaaaaaall about the photo shoot!

Have a great Sunday everyone!


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