I’ll stick to sewing!

I know I promised to tell you aaaaaall about the photo shoot on Monday, but I’ve been so incredibly busy this week that I just couldn’t find the time to write anything!

The shoot was fun! I don’t think I can pretend at a modelling career though, so I’ll stick to sewing as my creative outlet, thank you very much. Not that I didn’t have an excellent photographer, au contraire! Rubianca is very talented and I’m so grateful she offered to take pictures of me in my retro dresses. I guess watching Next Top Model doesn’t make you a model, because I found it quite difficult to pose and be imaginative. But that’s beyond the point anyway, the most important goal was to have fun – and fun we had!

Since I knew my hair just doesn’t hold a curl, especially when it’s a bit warm (and I was warm in the shop where were shot the pictures) I didn’t remove my hot rollers until I arrived to the location and was done with my make-up. (Yes, in the end I had to do my make-up, the artist was ill and couldn’t make it) Which meant I had to drive to the location wearing my rollers 😆 I did get some strange looks from other car drivers and pedestrians 😉

The location was a jam-packed retro 50’s store in Den Haag (Netherlands), Bennie’s Fifties Store: from jukeboxes to diner sets, and collectibles, dresses and petticoats in all the colors of the rainbow! The staff was very friendly and they let us shoot wherever we liked in the store. I haven’t really heard nor seen clients that afternoon, so we basically had the store to ourselves. I saw some cute things, so I’ll have to go back one day! 😉 Check out their online store at http://www.fiftiesstore.com/!

I haven’t seen the pictures yet except for one, and here it is:

This was among the last ones we shot, and my hair had almost lost all its curls! At the beginning of the shoot the owner of the shop complimented my dresses and gave me the best compliment of the world: he said I looked like one of my favorite artists, Dutch signer Caro Emerald. Riiiiiiight. I think Caro is absolutely gorgeous, so that made my day! 😆

This weekend was also a small break from sewing, before I step into factory-mode next weekend to make t-shirts for the summer. We’re going on vacation pretty soon, and I need short sleeves!

Have a great Sunday everyone! And of course: Happy Mothers’ Day! If I may add: Happy Non-Mothers’ Day too, because you don’t need to be a mother to love like one!



  1. You look beautiful! Can’t wait to see the photos! I’m so jealous that you make your own dresses, I’m too afraid of my sewing machine! I always end up sewing stuff by hand!

    • marieclaude says:

      hehe I didn’t come out of the womb sewing, so anybody can learn, at any age, including you! You’re a creative person and you are good with your hands (I saw the crochet stuff you made), I’m sure you’d be really good at sewing. You just need to start somewhere 🙂

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