Nautical obsession

Nautical obsession

Nautical obsession by avsie featuring court shoes

I’m obsessed with anything nautical at the moment. I need a playsuit with a sailor collar. If only I could find a pattern for the whole thing in my size, it would make my life much easier! I know I could just go and purchase the Wearing History 1940s Sailor Girl Playsuit Pattern, but the biggest size is way too far off mine, and I really don’t feel like fiddling around with a complicated grading.

For a skirt version, I think I’ll go for Colette Patterns’ Beignet skirt. For the top, I no idea. Can I just use a basic V-neck t-shirt pattern and draft a sailor collar? Or is it better to go for a blouse pattern instead? I have some ideas bubbling in my mind, I just need the time to make them happen! I have instructions on how to draft a sailor collar in my pattern making book, and it actually looks easy enough to make me dare make one.

And unfortunately for my DH, I think I need to buy some fabric to make my nautical suit happen 😉


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