Photo shoot pictures!

Here they are, finally! 🙂

May I present you yours truly, all dressed up in retro style:


I like all of the pictures, some more than others obviously 🙂 But it’s also very confronting to see yourself on photos… I think a certain weight loss journey needs to be started soon!

To see all the other pictures, just click on one of the pictures above or visit my friend’s site!



  1. I just LOVE that red dress! I want to come play in your closet! I think I’d have to stuff my bra though 😦 Of all the ‘big girl’ bits I was blessed with, boobs are not one of them! haha

    I really really wish I was more comfortable with my sewing machine, I’d LOVE to make some stuff like this omg… how did you get started?

    I get what you mean about seeing yourself in photos, I still have it all the time and it drives me crazy… it helps keep me motivated though haha I think you look beautiful and oh man I love the whole vintage style background etc. Are they ALL your dresses?!

  2. Btw, the black and white photo is my favorite, you look BEAUTIFUL!! That’s a profile photo if I’ve ever seen one.

  3. Oh for pity sake, I just realized there are two B&W ones, the one with the microphone 🙂 I will stop spamming you now!

  4. marieclaude says:

    For that shoot I wore 3 of the 4 ‘retro-style’ dresses I made over the past weeks, yes 🙂

    How I got started with sewing… mostly by watching my mother or my grandmother when I was a kid. But I didn’t sew anything until I went to uni, so I was about 19 at the time. I received a sewing machine as a going away present from my grandmother. The summer before I left to go study, I bought a pattern at Wal-Mart (haha), some cheap fabric and I just started sewing. Not without the necessary stress moments: how the heck was I supposed to set a sleeve in? What’s a facing? Luckily I had my grandmother available at all times to help me out. Then I didn’t really do much sewing, just here and there a few things. When I moved to Holland in 2001, I had all the time in the world to sew, but no machine. I received one as an advance wedding present from MIL, so I made my wedding dress (very simple dress). After that, I still didn’t do much sewing, just a garment here and there. Around 2005 I became more serious about that hobby after finding some very helpful online communities. I bought a more sophisticated machine and the rest is history LOL Now I regularly make clothes. Not my entire wardrobe, but a lot of pieces. I am a bit of a selfish seamstress, I sew for myself 99% of the time. Sewing for others generates too much stress! I made someone else’s wedding dress a few years back and even though I enjoyed the experience, what a stressful nightmare that was!

    So if you’d like to get started, I’d highly recommend you visit the Pattern Review ( community. From beginners to couture experts, you’ll always find a (virtual) helping hand there!

    And I could always help, obviously 🙂 It’s not like Rotterdam is that far away from Leiden!

  5. reaaly well done Marie-Claude…love the set-up and the mood created by all….it is very clear that you really enjoy this! 🙂


  1. […] Marie-Claude and I were colleagues at Belkin. Her hobby is sewing own clothes. Lately she’s been busy with a vintage collection. I saw her dresses on her block and thought that was an interesting theme for a photo session. She agreed and so I started looking for a suitable location for the shoot. Google is your friend and I found a jukebox company just around the corner. Marie-Claude suggested a shop in Den Haag: Bennies Fifties. I visited the two locations and decided the latter was very interesting. I would face some challenges because the shop is stuffed with stuff! Small spaces, some lights and modifiers, and a growing belly do not go together so easily. And even with the lack of our planned make up artist we managed to get some good shots. You’ll notice that Marie-Claude’s curls disappear the later we get into the shoot. That’s just nature. Marie-Claude did a great job with her look! Check out her blog mentioning the shoot and for other interesting sewing stories: […]

  2. […] outfit, to a jacket, to several vintage-inspired dresses. The dresses were showcased in a photo shoot, an invitation from my photographer friend Rubi. Who would have ever thought I’d be a model […]

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