Back from vacation – time to get sewing!

Just a quick post to say that I’m back from my (too short) vacation. We had a lovely time in Brittany. We rented a small house in the area of Fougères, in beautiful and peaceful country surroundings. If you’re looking for accommodation with all the comfort from home with excellent service, take a look at the Clos de Claire-Louise. You won’t be disappointed! Cathy went above and beyond our expectation when I mentioned I suffer from severe allergy to dust mites: she did a thorough spring cleaning of the house and really made sure I was going to have a pleasant stay. Thank you!

We visited several historical sites from the medieval period, all of them absolutely fascinating. I wanted to bring back a souvenir other than the usual magnet (haha you should see our fridge 😆 ) and this book caught my eye at the souvenir shop of the Château de Fougères: Mon Costume Médiéval: Mieux le connaître et le recréer. It’s a small book which covers a bit of the history of garments in the Medieval period, with simple patterns to draft yourself to recreate the look. It’s not an extremely detailed book and the illustrations are simple and to the point, but it’s a fun read. I wouldn’t recommend it to the serious reenactors, but if your goal (like mine) is to get acquainted with medieval costuming, it’s a good book to add to your collection. I’m afraid the book isn’t available in English at the moment, only in French! Time to brush up on those language skills 😀 But to be honest, I think non-French speakers could still draft the patterns without any knowledge of the language.

Before I left for my vacation, I mentioned I needed to get in factory mode and make t-shirts for the warmer months ahead. Well, I didn’t get to make a single one. Oh well… there’s always this weekend! I’ll give Butterick 5562 View A a try in a mossy green viscose knit. I think it’ll look very nice with my lemon skirt!


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